Sunday, December 8, 2013

Snow Day Earrings

 I went crazy making earrings this week.
Here are some pics of the latest. 
All are made with surgical steel ear hooks, except the copper ones.
Above is crackled silver ceramic.
 This one is a creamy brown ceramic with copper.
 This is 2 gemstones, magnesite & garnet.
 This is black glass beaded.
 This one looks like a smoked or fired crystal, it looks fired on one side and clear on the other.
 These are semi precious china charoite, a dark purple gemstone with a glass bead on top.
 Again, not sure which gemstone these are, either turquoise or dyed magnesite.
 This is also a gemstone, maybe rhodocrosite.
 Orange sea glass.
Green leaf carved sea glass.

Snow Day Jewelry

 I had fun on our long snow wknd, making these beauties.
The above one is copper with gun metal bronze, and ceramic zebra striped beads.
 This one is silver, gray and slightly navy glass beads.
 This one has green and white glass with some orange sea glass. And what's better? Earrings to match!!

I am not positive on the names of these beads, they are all gemstones. My guess is Rhodocrosite.
The last 3 are made with a non-tarnish silver craft wire.