Friday, April 18, 2008

New Headboard

i have branched out in my fabric loving ways. i have wanted a headboard for our bed for a while, and my dad cut out the wood and made the cleats to put on the wall. i love that it is flush with the wall, and all i have to do is lift up to move, it even slides left or right if it needs adjusting.

i wanted the top to match my new mirror, so i taped parchment paper to the wall and used a sharpie to trace along the top. it worked! it matches perfectly, dads are so great! then i used one inch foam, and a king size quilt batting that i folded several times to make it soft.


  1. AWESOME - LOVE it - You are quite the talented girl - I know you are happy to have a custom headboard - People pay LOADS for that kind of work - - -

  2. It is beautiful. I just love it. great job.


    [Thanks for sharing your new headboard, you really did a good job on this!]




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