Monday, May 5, 2008

Lisa's Tote

i am sorry it has been so long since i have uploaded anything. we were in florida for a week, and i have been getting ready for that, and now am catching up on everything since getting back home.
this is lisa's tote. i just love the polka dots. i was in a hurry when i took the pics so they are a little dark. the bottom is a cranberry color.

i like all the little rings around the polka dots. it adds something extra.


  1. Love the tote. glad you are posting again, I will be looking for
    Florida pictures. Welcome home.--- I missed you guys. Glad you had a great trip.

  2. Yay Lisa's tote! I love it! Makes Aaron want a new man purse!

  3. So cute - the dots make it "zingy"! Are you feeling zingy, Lisa -

  4. I love the dots with the stripes. Very cool!!


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