Sunday, August 3, 2008

Mollie Paige's Tote

mollie picked out her own fabric. i think she made a great choice. it is a fun print. i like the big green bloom best.
the print is so busy that we needed a solid to tone it down a bit. the light blue lining is a perfect match. i kept trying to talk her into a brown polka dot batik that matched really well, but it would have made the tote too dark with all that brown. the blue is a perfect choice.


  1. What a cute tote. It is perfect for Mollie. I love the pattern and the blue together. I think I like this one best of any tote you have made. great job!

  2. I think this is my favorite tote too!
    I have already gotten so many compliments!

  3. Looks like the bright, cheery tote of a bright, cheery teenager - I love it too! I LOVE how everyone's personalities are reflected in their totes - no two alike! I bet you wish you didn't have so MANY friends, tote-lady!!

  4. roni is AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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