Thursday, October 23, 2008

Mary's Grocery Totes

i had some fabric from mary's big tote left over, so i made this grocery tote. i used a little darker handle, kind of a mocha color.
mary bought fabric to have these blue ones made. and the navy handles match perfectly.

i tried to center the fabric for the pocket. i like the way it turned out.

and this is the other fabric mary purchased. this one has pink handles and dave says it reminds him of neopolitan ice cream. so the whole time i am making these, i keep thinking i want ice cream. it really is a little neopolitan with pistachio mixed in, and some sherbet on the side. are you hungry yet?


  1. Love them!! I like the first one the best (bet you never would've guess that)! The last one reminds me of yogos - yummy little gummy yogurt treats - lot less calories than ice cream and much easier to eat with your hands!

  2. I hope I actually spot them in use at the grocery some day.

  3. I like them all, but I love the last one.

  4. Thanks, Dave! It's hard enough keeping weight off in the winter without thinking about ice cream. Now I'm thinking about ice cream too! BTW, I love the totes. They are all adorable. Much cuter than the black W-M ones I use all the time.


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