Friday, May 15, 2009

Pic chosen for Schmap

hey, i am so excited. one of my pics was chosen for it is one that i took when dave & i went to the butterfly conservatory in key west.
lets see if this link works. if you put your cursor over the butterfly conservatory, it should change the pic on the top right corner. or you might have to hit the next button up next to the pic.

here is the pic that they put on their website: just so you recognize it.


  1. Congratulations Roni!!! That is wonderful! Very exciting!!!!!

  2. That is super cool!! No telling how many people will go look at butterflies cause of your most awesome pic!!

  3. Wow! Gorgeous photo! Especially fantastic in the close up. I followed your link and saw your photo on the site, too. Congratulations! Pretty exciting!

  4. So cool! It really is the most gorgeous picture. I was ogling it even before I saw that it was published.


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