Sunday, February 14, 2010

First Diaper Bag

this is the first diaper bag that i have made. it is really a messenger bag, that lisa wanted to use as a diaper bag. she can use it later when she doesn't need it as a diaper bag. this is amy butler fabric that lisa picked too, we ordered it online at they are a great company to order from, they have super fast shipping, and excellent cuts of fabric.
it has 2 pockets with flaps on the front.

the pattern called for 1 pencil pocket on the inside, but i changed it, and put 2 regular pockets on the inside.

when i was cutting the fabric out, i tried to get all the fabric to line up, so the backside would look like one solid print.

once i finished the bag, i thought it looked so big, that she wouldn't use it. and i had plenty of fabric left, so i made a small tote, that looks more like a purse. it is the sweetest looking purse, that i thought i might keep it for myself. ;)

it has 2 hidden pockets, that i have never made before, but i love them.

i had enough striped fabric to do the handles and one pocket,

so the opposite side of the purse has a polka dot pocket.


  1. Lisa must have been thrilled - WOW - that was a lot of work - your sewing skills keep constantly topping themselves!!

  2. I know it was a lot of effort. But it really paid off.

  3. I think you have outdone yourself. I can't imagine the time you spent on all of that. You're really a good sister-in-law!! I love both of them

  4. i love it!!! it is packed & ready to go...just need the baby to get here!

  5. This bag is gorgeous! I love the fabric combo, and all the pockets! Your talent is amazing!

  6. This is a beautiful bag! You did an amazing job. Just came to your blog through Quilthome and I love it. Your stamping is so creative. I'll be following along to see what else you create. Come by my blog, Southern Institute for Domestic Arts and Crafts, if you get a chance. I'd love to have you!


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