Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Ian's Monster

this is my latest sewing project. it was so fun to make. and it has safety buttons so that children under 3 can play with it. you know its going to go straight to Ian's mouth. i definitely don't want him choking.

the pattern was in this book called Softies Only a Mother Could Love. there are a couple more that i plan to make, i can't wait to see how they come out.

in the book, his mouth is straight across, but i just had to put little curve to it. he makes me smile every time i look at him.


  1. makes me smile every time too! my favorite thing you have ever made!!

  2. SO SO cute - LOVE that little monster - wish the boys had them when they were little! Sounds like Daves wants one too!!

  3. It is so cute---I am sure Ian will love it----great job Roni!!!!!

  4. i love this little guy!!! he is perfect! move over ugly dolls... there is a new monster in town!

  5. That is incredibly cute! And I love wiggle to his mouth. Gives him a little extra character.


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