Thursday, October 7, 2010

New Card Organizer Class

WOW! it has been so long since i have made a blog post, i have forgotten which order to upload the pics. Sorry about that!
Anyway, my next class at Scrapbook Haven in Owensboro is coming up fast. Friday, October 15th, 2010(2 classes 10am & 6pm) is almost here, and i forgot to post a pic of what we will be doing.
This is the book for all the cards you need to send out on certain dates.
We are using a new line of paper from Echo Park, called A Walk in the Park. And it comes with a sticker sheet so that you can design your own cover for your book. This is just what I chose, (believe me! i kept trying to get carried away with all those flowers!) and in the end, went sweet and simple. But those duckies were calling out to me, maybe someone in class will choose those.
It even has blue rings that match exactly the cover pages!
And calendars for each month, so you can remember those important dates!
We also put one extra pocket in the back for misc cards, like Get Well, & Sympathy, because those days pop up with no warning. How great would it be to have those cards on hand for emergencies?!!

Hope to see you in class!!


  1. So cute!! Hope you have lots of students!!

  2. Adorable Roni! Love the stickers and paper. What a great organizer!

  3. some people that haven't taken your class might not have organizers, and that might cause them to miss out on the organizer class. did i just blow your mind?


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