Saturday, November 6, 2010

Are you sick of Clive yet?

I just had to show Clive one more time: on his way to his new home. I made a "hand stitched" label for his journey. And it cracks me up, because it looks like a Heavyweight Championship belt that he won for wrestling.

he is just too cute. maybe Kim will show him on some of their journeys to all those cool places they go. *wink, wink** hint hint.*


  1. I never grow tired of Clive! LOVE his WWF belt!! Funny -

  2. We love Clive! Megan was thrilled to get him, and he is standing guard on her bookcase right now! Good thing he's a WWF champion!

  3. Nope. Not sick of him yet. Let's get readyyyyyy tooo RUUUUUUMMMMMMMBBBBBBLLLLLLLEEEEEEE!


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