Saturday, February 25, 2012

Blind Contour Sketches

this is for the Alisa Burke Sketch class homework for Blind Contour drawing.
i only looked at the shells for the outline shape and did not look at the paper as i sketched, then went back to do the details.
it was a fun exercise!
again, no color.
i also used a Q-tip for smudging/shading. i think i like Q-tips better than paper stumps for shading.
this is pencil, and charcoal.
this one is Laura's shell. i sketched it from every angle, it is a very cool shell, but i didn't get a pic of it. this is done in a Micron pen.


  1. Very cool - blind contour work is hard!! How did you get the Micron pen to do your shading?


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