Monday, September 3, 2012

Ode to DaVinci

Ever since I saw the movie: Ever After, I have loved DaVinci's faces. The Head of a Woman (also known as La Scapigliata) is my favorite from that movie. I have found a few others, and this is a pencil drawing of it. This is my first attempt at a face since my high school art class. They have never been my favorite to work on. But Michelle has been inspiring me with all of hers.
And I am posting this to Art Journal Every Day.


  1. There's a fullness to her face that I just adore.

  2. Roni!!! This is absolute perfection!! LOVE the shading - gorgeous!

  3. Roni, she's so beautiful! You have a natural gift for drawing that I love to see!

  4. You have real talent and I love seeing what you do!! Such a pretty sketch


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