Saturday, February 2, 2008

Check It! Sewing!

here is my first attempt at sewing on a card. i have done faux stitching before, but not actually sewing. i had fun. the paper is so delicate compared to fabric, i think i will adjust the tension next time.
stamps: su check it
inks: brocade blue, creamy caramel
paper: su brocade blue, creamy caramel, red


  1. Good job Roni, I would have never know it is a fist attempt at sewing on a card. I like it. very pretty.

  2. I had a doctor do some faux stitching on me one time after a bad accident, and I nearly bled to death.

    I needed real stitches you see.

  3. I liked that you used red for your stitching - I tend to use neutrals like white and black - love the color!

  4. very you give lessons?! I can't seem to get my machine to do this stitch. I love your cards and how the stitching turned out. TFS! :)


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