Sunday, February 10, 2008

Tote Bag Family

well, i finally made a second tote. i made the first to use for work, but it was a little too big. so i decided to cut the pattern down to make a smaller one. i thought i would have a baby tote, but the second is the perfect size, so i think the first is really the granddaddy of totes. you can see the catalog in the large tote, to see how big it really is.

next is a side view, to see how big the side pockets are. the large holds a water bottle in its side pockets, the small holds my phone and i put plasticware in there too for my lunch at work.

when my mom saw the first tote, she wanted one. so the baby tote is made from the scraps of the 2 bags, i just had to buy a small amount of red for the upper body. because it is from scraps, the straps are the most different. i wish i had enough of the black, white and red for the underside of the baby tote straps. but i am pleased with it, no matter what. i have enough of the black and white for another small bag, but now i am looking for a different lining to create another look. you may want to check back to see the next tote creation.


  1. You know I will check back. Love the wee tote.

  2. I LOVE the totes - They are so professionally made and look so great!! I'm jealous of your talents!

  3. I had to make two trips to Hancock Fabrics ALONE to buy stuff for these.
    Once for a bobbin! That's right, I said a bobbin!
    I still don't even know what a bobbin is.

  4. Roni I think DJ wants to take some of the credit for your beautiful totes, don't you?

  5. Roni! My mouth is just hanging open with awe at your talents! I love these totes and all your cards are gorgeous! No wonder you can't sleep at night with all those ideas buzzing around in your head!

  6. Wow! Looks like you're a great seamstress too. The smaller bag looks like the perfect sized carry-all. Really stylish.


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