Sunday, June 8, 2008

Sheila's Tote

i found this polka dot fabric online and just had to have it. altho once i had it, i couldn't find any solids to match it. but this cranberry kinda combines the red and pink and fools the eye. (i think.)
(edited to add: michelle is correct in her comment, this is more raspberry than cranberry. i got my fruit confused.)
i like the lining too. altho it will be dark, trying to see what is inside at the bottom.

i didn't plan this, but 2 of the straps lined up perfectly with the lining on the inside. too cool!


  1. At first I was really angry at that cranberry fabric for fooling my eyes.
    But then I got over it and I was like, oh it is a nice bag.

  2. At first I was really angry at Dave for his comment but then I got over it until I realized that that cranberry fabric really looked like raspberry fabric and that made me confused but then I was like, they are both fruits - so that is nice, right?
    Roni, you are a tote-making machine!

  3. I knew it would be gorgeous!!! I love it!!!

  4. You just keep turning out tote after tote. I love the different fabric combinations you use. I look forward to seeing what combination you will come up with next. Great job Roni.

  5. I just wanted to say that my tote will be a "bolsa" when it is in Mexico. I hope it doesn't get confused. Oh,& Sheila's tote is beautiful!


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