Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Small Tote/Purse

hey, this is my latest tote. i saw this fabric on clearance at hancock fabrics and just had to get it. it looked like a fun print. so, my intent was to make a cute little tote like a "green" grocery tote. but i started playing around and folded the tote inside itself and made half a tote, and turned it into a purse.
i put a piece of cardboard inside a fabric pocket to make it have a solid bottom that would stay square. and it has one inside pocket.

i tried several types of handles before i found this fabric. i am glad i discarded them and waited for this fabric. it matches perfectly.
sorry about the poor pics, our camera broke, and i am having to borrow my husband's work camera.


  1. Roni I love the fabric. You did a great job on this I love your work.

  2. Love the fabric!!! Beautiful!!!

  3. That's adorable, Roni! You are really getting good at this.


  4. I loved it even before you found the PERFECT handle material - How do you live with yourself?

  5. Wow! I love these bags--fabulous fabrics and great job on the bags!



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