Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The Copper Kettle

last year, we found this great place called The Copper Kettle, on Peabody St, downtown Nashville. they have a great Sunday Brunch! they also have these cool garage doors that open the whole side of the restaurant, and you can see all of downtown, even the Titans Stadium.
i just had to show you all of the pastries, and cheeses in the above 2 pics. dave loved the Gouda, and the fried cheese below, is on a salad with fresh strawberries and mango slices.
they had eggs benedict, and an omelette bar, biscuits, gravy, meats, cheesy grits and much more. (i didn't get pics of any of those). let's get straight to the desserts!
i thought michelle would love the little creme brulee's. (sorry i can't spell!) they had choc dipped strawberries, and individual banana puddings, and when i asked what another was they said, cookies n cream. i remember loving it the last time, so i got it again! i was real oatmeal choc chip cookies crumbled in cream, it TASTED LIKE a bowl of LITTLE DEBBIE OATMEAL PIES!! IT WAS HEAVEN!
did i make you drool? i am just looking at all of these again!


  1. Mmmmmmmmmm. Love the food pics!

  2. Oh wow! Now I know where I have to go next time I'm in Nashville! Oatmel cream pies are my favorite! Looks fabulous! Thanks for sharing!

  3. You alt to do a commercial for the copper kettle.

  4. YUMMY - You know me too well - those creme brulees look divine!!

  5. Yum--looks great--I will try it next time I am in Nashville.


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