Sunday, July 24, 2011

Fossil Purse Reconstruction Trial Run

Did I ever tell you this was my fav purse ever?! Well, it was! And I must tell you before you scroll down, prepare yourself for the horror!

AHHHH! I was just sick. I set it on the carpeted floor of a restaurant, not knowing the carpet was wet. This is the result the next day. It looked like it molded overnight. The restaurant said that I couldn't prove it happened there. (He had a lot of nerve!)
Well, I occasionally still look at it and remember all the good times we had together (in the 3 months we were together). SO! I decided to try to make my own in this same style. I would never dream that I could make a leather purse.
So I tore the lining out, and used it as a template to make a trial purse, to see if I would like it.
Notice the pleats on the front(they are on the back too).
I wanted a little hardware on there too, so I used some D-rings on the straps. And put a big Papertrey Ink brown button as the closure. I want to make a zippered one, but couldn't wrap my mind around it yet. Maybe the next one!

The only thing that I am not happy with is the way the bottom is kind of boxy, I would like my next one to be more rounded, so I am going to work on that too.
This fabric was something I had laying around that I had seen in the precut bargain bin for $1.00. Not bad for an afternoon of work!


  1. I totally remember your sorrow at the loss of your Fossil purse - it is hard when you lose a favorite thing and can't easily replace it but I don't feel sorry for you anymore cause now you can have one to match anything you want cause your sewing skillz ROCK!!! Way cool!!

  2. haha. loved reading the dramatic account of the wet purse! nice sewing

  3. I remember how much you loved that purse--and how sad you were over the incident--you will never have to buy another purse--you can just make one to suit you--you are amazing--love your new purse---great work as always!


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