Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Kissed Botanicals

all right, here is another old technique. i call it old, because i did it so long ago, that i don't remember how i did it. i know it is called kissing, because that is in the title of the card. i used the print pattern background stamp and the french script stamp, and embossed in copper. but i can't remember which way i did it. which did i ink up first? if anybody out there wants to comment and tell me how i did this, feel free. i might want to do this again sometime. i know i could try and figure it out, if my brain wasn't full of car problems right now. i can't concentrate on anything else. sorry. thanks for any help.
stamps: su botanicals, french script, print pattern
ink: su old olive, choc chip, real ruby


  1. sorry about your car problems, dont't have a clue how you made this card, but it is a very nice card. Senior said go by Auto Zone they will check your charging system for free.

  2. Ah yes, the french script stamp.
    Right away I looked at that and thought sacre bleu!

    PS If the title of this is kissed botanicals, and you used a french script stamp, does that make this a french kissed botanicals? And if so, you are gross.


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