Thursday, January 10, 2008

Tote Bag

i went to a zag bag party and got inspired to make my own tote bag. when i went in hancock fabrics, i was immediately inspired by this black and white print. i had to have red with it, and when i saw the black, white and red material, i knew it would be perfect for the lining. i did not know when i picked out the pattern, that the tote would be as big as it is. it has a lot of pockets, everywhere, which i love, outside and inside.

barbara made a comment on this post asking about my pattern: i used McCall's #M4851 and used the directions for B picture, but had to adjust the amounts of material, because they have the body and outside pocket all the same material, where i used 2 different fabrics. i also used decorator fabrics, so it is heavier weight, i thought that would last longer, and the ladies at hancock fabrics urged me to use the heaviest weight fusible webbing, but be prepared, i broke 2 needles.

i like it so much, i may try to adjust the size a little smaller, and make another. i wanted a lot of different fabric at hancock fabrics. i think the next one may be in blues and greens.


  1. Roni

    The tote turned out really well I just love it. Can you believe you made it with you own two hands? great job.

  2. Roni - you are a talented lady - I can only sew in a semi-straight line - I'm not brave enough to tackle things with patterns - This tote is AWESOME!!

  3. Wow, Roni! That bag is awesome! Is there anything you can't do when you put your mind to it?

  4. What a cool bag! Is there a pattern available for it? I would love to make one of these...lots of pretty fabric out there.

  5. I love this bag!!! It makes me want to get my sewing machine out of the closet & make something beautiful! Unfortunately I am not really sure how to use my sewing machine....


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