Sunday, January 6, 2008

Wild about Plaid Makers

this is my latest baby card. i bought a new plaid maker stamp set that lets you change out all the designs and colors. my mom liked it so much that she wanted to keep it awhile, so this is the only example of the plaid that i have right now. i will make more when i get that set back. the baby stamps are mom's also. we always have fun stamping together. i think my favorite stamp is that one of the baby crying, you have to look close, but there is one little tooth showing in her mouth. on the front of the envelope that matches is the girl with one tooth and a new toothbrush. it is too cute.
stamps: baby firsts, baby time wheel
paper: su perfect plum, pretty in pink, white
ink: su pretty in pink, perfect plum, pixie pink, pale plum, blush blossom


  1. I think I need a nap after I read all of that. Nice stampin'!

  2. Roni I love this baby card, I would like to borrow it sometimes if your mom doesn't keep it, Ha Ha . Baby cards are a lot of fun to make I have made several of them. I wish more of our friends would have babies so that we could make more cards, and send them out to the proud parents.

  3. Hey Roni!
    Thanks for sending me your blog link. I'll be checking it out. Love the Baby card. I loved it on SCS and I love it here too.


  4. I have to say that I love the baby taking a bath because there's nothing more fun than a baby in the water. Cute card! Love the ideas!

  5. Cute - Love how that baby is popped up!

  6. how cute! I am in need of this set! I bought a plaid maker way back when and never really got the hang of it. Really cute...thanks so much for sharing! :)


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