Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Watercolor Tote?

i have a little ocd, i think. once i started making these totes, i cannot stop myself. so here is another. i loved this lining because it looks like it has been watercolored. i bought the last yard and half of this fabric. i didn't know at that time it would be on a tote. i would love to have a shirt made out of this. if i can find any more when i go to evansville, i may buy more for some curtains. i love it that much!
also, i adjusted one of the inside pockets. you can see it in the above pic. it is a little smaller, and at the top of the tote.
in this pic, i wanted to show the blooms. i adjusted the pattern, so that i could have one big bloom showing on the bag.

here, i wanted to show you the strap, i just love that fabric!


  1. this is tote-ally awesome. tfs:)

  2. So very pretty - I think it is

  3. It is beautiful. You really need to start a tote business. Great job.

  4. That is an amazing tote!! I love that material too. It's very pretty with the brown/blue combination. You do a great job with the sewing.

  5. Down with Vera Bradley's evil quilted empire! Up with Roni's totes!!! Beautiful!!!!

  6. Wow you did an amazing job on sewing the two totes here on your blog, the fabrics are beautiful!
    I've always admired anyone who could sew.


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