Thursday, March 6, 2008

Michelle's Tote

this is what i have been doing this week. actually, i have been shopping for fabric for michelle's tote for over a month. i look for 2 heavier fabrics with a lightweight lining. i could not for the life of me decide. and we only have 2 fabric stores in town. so i was going back and forth between the two with all sorts of samples, trying to match colors. finally, i let the surprise factor go, and asked michelle to help pick out her own fabrics. i think this turned out great. i like it as well as mine(the black, white and red one).

i put a mini catalog in the pocket, so you could see the size. the pocket lining on the brown pockets match the inner lining.

i used McCalls pattern M4851, and adjusted the size for a smaller size. here are details on the larger one.


  1. THANK YOU - THANK YOU - THANK YOU!!! I love this tote so much!! Not only is it just so gorgeous - the workmanship is perfect and the fact that my dear friend Roni would go to the trouble to make such an awesome thing for me warms my heart!! Thank you, Roni!!

  2. Beautiful! I started imagining what I could put in the pockets! The possibilities are endless! And I really love the colors!!!

  3. I love the colors. It is beautiful. I think you should go into the tote making business. I know it would be a big success.


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