Sunday, July 20, 2008


when i was at laura's house, i saw the coolest blanket that folded inside itself to make a pillow. so here is my version. the solid side is flannel, great for curling up with while watching tv.
it folds into thirds,
rolls up into a pocket that is sewn on the back side,

and into a pillow.
i absolutely love these colors. i love the batik look also. i found these 1/2 off at hancock fabrics. the striped fabric was already sewn into strips, how cool is that?
sorry to say, it was a lot more difficult than i imagined, i will not be making another. (unless i wear this one out)


  1. I saw this in person. It is beautiful, I love the colors. You are so talented. Make mine in tan and white. Or pear green. Ha Ha

  2. Youz gotz da sewin' skeelz!
    (That's my urban talk) - frankly I'm left speechless by you ability to look at something and then recreate it - WOW!!


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