Sunday, July 6, 2008

Tote Info

i have had several people ask questions about getting their own totes made. and they all want details. so, here goes:

i am charging $35.00 to make the tote, plus fabric, plus shipping if you don't live near me.

the $35 is 30 for my labor(it takes 4-5 hours to make) and 5 for the interfacing and thread.

i use 2 types of interfacing, a thinner for the bottom outside pockets, and a thicker for the body.

you can pick your own fabric or tell me what you would like and i can look for you. the cheapest i have been able to buy fabric is around $15.00, that is usually fabric on sale at joann's. it is usually 15-25, depending on sales, and brands we choose.

if you are sending me fabric to work with, i would like to give a few pointers that i have learned when shopping for fabric. watch the person cutting the fabric, sometimes they don't see that the edges weren't cut straight the last time, or they miss marks or imperfections on the fabric. i am not comfortable working with slick fabric(like satin or silk), they really won't hold up well for a tote bag. i have been using decorator fabric for the outside, and a thinner fabric for the lining(like quilters cotton). it is hard to find 3 that match when they are 2 different weights, but it can be done. it might just take a while. you can see all the totes on links at the side of this blog.

what i need:

the bottom pocket: 1/2 yd. (you want a fabric that will wear well, not a light color that will show dirt, remember you will probably be setting it down on floors.) it can be decorators fabric, or another example is michelle's tote, it has brown denim.(see pic at bottom)

the body: 5/8 yd if it is a small pattern, 1 yd if it is a large pattern. if i have to center some flower blooms, i need more to work with. (link has example)

lining: 1 1/4 yd.

tote bag dimensions:


  1. Thank you very much for your nice informations.

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  2. I think my tote is awesome! I hope you get tons of orders - you definitely have the "tote skills"!!


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