Saturday, July 5, 2008

Happy Card

here is an old fav that i was saving, i loved it so much that i didn't want to send it out. i guess i was saving it for some special occasion. it has a whole lot of layers, and even the bloom and bee are popped up.

i hope she liked it.


  1. That is probably my favorite card I've seen!! I like the stripes, and dots. I love the layering. And the pop-up bee is adorable! Whoever got it surely loved it!

  2. I am sure who ever got this card loves it. Who would not love this card?

  3. WOW - I like it! I don't remember ever seeing this one- like the detail of the paper on the inside!

  4. I absolutely love the card!
    It is hanging in my room- it matches so well! Thank you so much!
    LOVE the orange!


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