Sunday, November 2, 2008

Debbie's Tote

this tote is for a customer from the henderson art's & crafts fair. you are probably thinking this tote looks familiar, but it is a little different. it has a new lining that i am in love with. i also have learned a couple new techniques, and i experimented with this one. for one, it has the fleece interfacing in the handles too, which i wish i would have put in all of my previous totes. sorry, girls. i guess you will have to wear out your totes to get a new and improved one.

another new thing is the faux piping. i have been reading sewing blogs now. and got the idea from this blog, blissful. she has absolutely beautiful totes. check out these weekender totes. i love them. she also shares great ideas.


  1. Love the faux piping!! So cute! This could be the beginning of big things for you!! Paying customers are awesome!!

  2. Roni this is a beautiful tote. Congratulations on having paying customers. People should be happy to pay for such professional work.

  3. This bag turned out gorgeous. I checked out the weekender bags also that you linked to. You're right they are awesome.

  4. Love the piping! Does it take you much longer to make the bag by adding little things like that?


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