Thursday, November 13, 2008

Edward Snowman

here is my happy snowman, edward. i would like to also get donald, so they can keep each other company. i am getting a little a head on my december design team entry for Serendipity.
these snowmen make me smile.
both of these papers remind me of snow, what with all the glitter. the black looks like a night sky with snow to me. and the silver snowflakes are brads.

ok, here is the same pic tilted. i have been seeing other people's blogs with all of their pics tilted one way or the other. i like some, but i think i would rather see a straight pic. i am trying to decide if i like it or not.
what do you think? tilt or no, or sometimes.


  1. Edward Snowman is so cute! Love this!

  2. Tilt never. I don't like it. Straight is always better.
    You'll thank me later.

  3. I like the tilt...but that has to be my favorite card out of all I've ever seen of yours!!! That is soooooo cute! I would tilt once in a while.

  4. I got Donald while I was in Seattle so they can hang out this winter - The tilt is quite popular these days - I'm going to try it out myself - I like all the cardmaking paraphernalia around your card, nice touch!

  5. The cards are adorable, but I agree with DJ. No tilt unless it's a pinball machine


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