Friday, November 28, 2008

Holly's 2nd Tote

this one is holly's other tote. i love the green stripe.
the lining has the greens and browns that match perfectly to the outside.
i resized the inside pocket to hold pens or something slim like sunglasses.

and i just had to do the faux piping again. it turned out just the way i wanted.


  1. I think you keep getting better at making these! TFS

  2. I have a new favorite!---- I love this one! Great color combination! Excellent work Roni!

  3. GREENS & BROWNS - I can't stand it - so beautiful!!!
    You are so good at this!!

  4. This one is just gorgeous. I'm with Michelle. I love the greens and browns. The piping really adds something too.

  5. AWE!!! My tote..

    I Love it Veronica. It's my favorite. I had so muc fun with you helping me wth this. I can't wait to show off my new totes and share your name with everyone. :)


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