Friday, May 11, 2012

Flickr Inspired Sketch

 Michelle came over and we had fun sketching together. I was inspired by this favorite picture on Flickr.
I had fun doing all of the little tiles. I esp like the touches of green in all the blue.
Then I used a little white Pearl Pen to make a couple shiny. I wanted to do more, but was afraid I would get carried away.


  1. That is just gorgeous Roni! I love the background and the colors are so pretty! Beautiful!

  2. You crack me up how you were afraid you'd get carried away with your pearl pen!! The leaves are so dimensional! Your page turned out beautiful even if it doesn't have any figures on it!! ;-)

  3. ooooh, so pretty. i love how those leaves just pop off the page behind the gorgeous brick.

  4. how long have i known you?? and you still keep surprising me with your awesomeness!! love it


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