Friday, July 9, 2010

Nat's Diaper Bag

This is my latest sewing project. It is made from Amy Butler fabric from Natalie picked what she wanted, and we ordered it, and once again, quilthome is SUPER fast with their shipping. I love them!
It is the same pattern as Lisa's diaper bag, it is really a messenger bag, so hopefully they will still want to use it when they don't need a diaper bag anymore.
One of the things I changed from the pattern is that I used fleece interfacing, so that it really stands up nice, and has a good body. I also used sew-in interfacing for the top flap, so hopefully it won't bubble up like some interfacings tend to do.

One other thing I changed from Lisa's is that I put fleece interfacing in the strap, so that it doesn't slip in the buckle. I also sewed an extra seam along the D-rings so they don't slide around too much.


  1. WOW!!! Is that ever gorgeous!! You are an amazing seamstress!

  2. So this is Nat's diaper bag, huh? I didn't even know she wears diapers. *sound of uproarious laughter*


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